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Archie Sonic Comics Database (ASCD)

Hello and welcome. On this page you can find list of all (or almost all) Archie Sonic comics sorted by publication date.
I think the list will not be updated very often, but I'll try to update it as soon as there will be enough changes and additions available.
If you see "Unknown" in some columns it means:
  • In "Issue Number": not applicable to selected series/no other issues exists.
  • In "Publication Date": no data found and/or issue is not yet released.
  • Tip: all issues with unknown publication date is listed at the end of the list. Also all big series is color-coded so it's easier to differ them from small ones.

    If you have any information which is not available here (for example you know when issues with unknown publication date was published) please contact me at alexsey(at)servmon(dot)ru
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    Series NameIssue NumberPublication DateWiki Page
    ".$issue['name']."".$issue['issue']."".$date."Click Here
    Database last update: UTC+0
    Created by Alexsey. Database information was adapted from Mobius Encyclopaedia and is licensed under CC-BY-SA.